While Happiness House started as a place - it's now in the hearts and minds of people all over the world.

John and Linda Reid have been working on themselves for decades, and have also trained in many modalities to help others who also want to live a happy, free, successful life. (Success is always defined by the client!)

Many of the things that get in the way of living a happy, free and successful life are the disruptions and traumas that we either brought with us from past lives or ancestors, or have happened through living our life.

These disruptions and trauma trigger flight, fight or freeze reflexes, as well as causing physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dis-ease.

This can show up as indecision, anger, running away from people or problems, illness, depression, injury, disfunctional relationships, making choices that don't support who you are and why you are here, as well as living a life you don't love.

John and Linda want everyone they work with to live a life of freedom, happiness, congruence and glowing health.
John Reid is a Reconnective Healing Practitioner, and has studied spirituality and many healing modalities intensely for many years.
He is the Director of Healing for Happiness House.
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Happiness House

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Happiness House is no longer a place...

It's a concept of the heart and the mind.

John and Linda are available by appointment in Whangarei or via the internet.
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Linda Reid is an Energy healer, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, and results coach.

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