Just some of the benefits of regular meditation:

  Relax your body
  Relax your mind
  Connect with your emotions
  Heal your emotions
  Explore your inner world
  Connect with your higher self
  Connect with your deeper intuition

It’s perfectly fine to meditate at home - or whereever you are - on your own.   And there are just as many benefits in doing so. But, often, it’s not something we schedule into our busy lives.

it’s easier to attend regular mediation sessions with an experienced leader.   You get the benefits of having a time and place to meditate, the added bonus of the opportunity to support and be supported by the group, and the gentle guidence of the leader.

Join us at Happiness House on Tuesday Evening for group mediation led by John Reid.  John has been leading mediation groups for over 25 years.

Where: Happiness House, 22a Wolfe Street, Regent, Whangarei

When: Tuesday evenings at 7pm - starting February 23, 2021

Cost: $5 each

email John at
for more information or to book your spot.
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