John is a student of spirituality and our connection with the Divine. He knows he has so much more to learn and that he will not have complete understanding until he passes into the Spirit realm. However, it is now time for John to share the vast amount of wisdom he has absorbed over the last 15 years with people who are in need of a coach or a some counseling.

It would be fair to say that John has not found his path in life easily, and that he has had many challenges along the way. But John has maintained, above all else, a sense of trust that Spirit would lead him to those who most need his support.

Spirit has led John and his wife to Happiness House in Whangarei, and here they are slowly extending their connections with like-minded people. They say that when the student is ready, the master will appear. John is both student and master and he would be privileged to share his insights with you if you are in need of spiritual coaching or counseling.

He also has accepted his role in bringing people on the Earth plane into connection with those in Spirit, and with the healing energies of the Universe.

Find out more about the healing modalities John uses here.

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John Reid
Linda Reid is trained in multiple modalities, including Reconnective Healing, Spiritual Healing, Intuitive Kinesiology, Access Consciousness, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Results Coaching.

Linda has been self employed for most of her working life and is also an experienced business coach.

Linda has successfully worked with clients from London to New York, with most of her work in the New Zealand and Australia areas.

A natural empath, Linda has to limit the number of clients she works with, so don't be surprised if this website is put on hold for periods of time.

Linda's goal is not to create dependent clients, but to help people create a life they love with freedom, happiness and confidence.

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Happiness House is no longer a place...

It's a concept of the heart and the mind.

John and Linda are available by appointment in Whangarei or via the internet.
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